Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Previous Buys : 29 April 07

@ MPH Mid Valley

The Handmaid's Tale
Margaret Atwood
RM 35.90 (+ 20% dics)

The File on H
Ismail Kadare
RM 49.90 (+ 20% disc)

She'll Take It
Mary Carter
RM 19.90

I got the first two books as recommendations from my 501 Must-Read bible. I like Margaret Atwood's work so the first was an easy choice. It was not disappointing - The Handmaid's Tale is an eerie tale of a world where fanatics rule (ruin) your life. I'm halfway through 'The File on H' at the moment.

Mary Carter's 'She'll Take It' is a Little Black Dress (LBD) book. I loved her other LBD 'Accidentally Engaged' (it's my favourite LBD to date) so I set out to read another of her book to see if she flings that wonderful wit of hers into every book she writes. I have to say I like 'Accidentally Endgaged' better, maybe because I just can't morally agree with the pick-pocket thieving heroine of 'She'll Take It'. Anyway I'm majorly addicted to LBDs - this is my 13th LBD to date. Yummy.


:-) said...

I found Brave New World by aldous huxley in paperback for only less than 20 bucks. I had a bad day outside in some stupid meeting but this buy was a compliment for the day. Got some others as well, not that bad day after all, eh ... lol ... ;)

sharkgila said...

Go to a Big Bookshop warehouse sale if you can, the prices are insane.

Hehe yup, I get an adrenaline rush everytime I find a book (with nice cover! and paper! and font!) that I want.

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