Saturday, June 2, 2007

Today's Buy: 2 June 07

@ MPH Mid Valley

More Work for the Undertaker
Margery Allingham
RM 35.90

The Color Purple
Alice Walker
RM 34.30

More Work for the Undertaker is a recommendation from 501 Must-Read Books : category Thrillers. I’ve not read any books in the Thrillers list, and admittedly I don’t read mystery as a matter of preference. Even growing up with my mother’s collection of Agatha Christie novels staring down from the bookshelves had no effect. I just didn’t do the type of stories from P.D.James and gang. Well, its time I started.

The Color Purple, I thought was also a recommendation from the same. But turns out it’s not (I must carry a list!!), I’ve most probably picked up this recommendation from Nancy Pearl’s Book Lust. I like this book for its pages, they’re just the way I like them: clear font, good spacing between words and lines, good page margins. Compare The Color Purple (below)

to Penguin Popular Classic standard page (this is the older brown version).

With a choice, won’t you pick the first one too?
Yes, I’m a sucker for presentation. ;-)


Anah Shariff said...

Always judge a book by its cover, or in this case, font and layout. If you alraedy don't like they way it looks, like hell you're ever gonna like the book.

sharkgila said...

Yup, now I always check the font & layout before buying any book.

I have a few mistakes I've never read cos the font spacing was too intimidating.

TaraMetBlog said...

I love The Color Purple, I had a really old version that I put on top of my graduation cap :)

nice finds

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