Monday, June 11, 2007

... tidy books.

Excerpt from Margery Allingham's More Work for the Undertaker.

"The rest was books, not one of them dusty and dog-eared. They filled the walls and side tables and the tops of cabinets, overflowing into heaps in corners and on chairs.
Yet it was the tidiest living-room in Charlie Luke's wide experience."

Now that would be a book-lover's paradise. I can't seem to keep my books in sterling condition, they insist on yellowing at the exposed top. And dusty, too.


Anonymous said...

especially if you lend them to someone who insists on bringing them to the toilet :D

:-) said...

Most of mine are reference and knowledge books, and they do get outdated anyway. Not all but most, so I don't really keep them that well, I mean not in the finest condition like you mention. The problem is space and finding a way to database them when a person have a large collection, where they can find them when needed. I don't borrow people books because I don't really mix with people with that much interest in books. So, no problem there ... heh, heh ... cheers for the day ... :)

sharkgila said...

haha, ya you toilet-reader you.

nel: agree with you. space is a problem, the more bookshelves you get the more the books seem to multiply. I frequently rearrange my books according to whim and fancy, so I roughly know where to find what, but sometimes they like to move by themselves. :p

:-) said...

lol ... move by themself ... sound like harry porter. i can just imagine that ... hah, hah ... cheers again ... :)

mudslinger said...

hey shark, i just read all your posts. i love books too. i envy you for having the time to read lots of books in a year. i'm still trying to aim over 20 this year. *sigh*

and it's so true about books in good condition. how do they keep books looking nice and and dust-free at the bookstores?

keep on reading!

sharkgila said...

thanks mudslinger!

I've always wanted to read more, but having a normal KL working schedule won't get you that. Now i've made some changes to my working schedule and I can squeeze in some extra time for reading. I'm thankful for getting to do this.

20 books a year is great actually. Keep on reading too!

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