Tuesday, June 12, 2007

501 Must Reads gets another thumbs-up

I thought I might be the only one harping about 501 Must-Read Books, but here's another fan! He's got a much snazzier photo and a better write-up too.


:-) said...

ah, I must say tks for this nice organic link back and comment ... cheers for the day to you ... :)

:-) said...

Hey Sharkgila,

I think your clustrmaps.com that you put at your side bar is not updating or it has been auto to yearly frequency. I think I was having that problem after two days of waiting and the image is still on "Update begin soon ...".

What I did was to relogin into the the admin control panel at http://clustrmaps.com/admin/ => Login (password should be send to your email box during your registration) => ClustrMaps processing (scroll down to the bottom of the admin page) => Click on Change update frequency [now: 'daily'].

If not just fool around those two - Change update frequency [now: 'daily'] or Archive frequency [now: 'yearly']. I think that should work ... heh, heh ... :)

sharkgila said...

Thanks Nel. I've tried and it's still not showing properly. Hrm. I might just take out cluster maps altogether.

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