Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Best of Lists of Best

Lists of books read. List of books to read. List of good books. List of great books. List of award-winning books. Lists of. Lists. Lists. Lists.

I like keeping lists because it spells out a target to achieve and let's you measure your progress towards it. I keep an excel list of books bought (sorted by year, arranged chronologically, with auto-calculations of % of RM saved from discounts and % of read vs bought and ...). I keep another excel list of the 501 Must-Read books (sorted by category, with % of books owned, books read, books read per category ...).

And I am not alone! There are people out there that are list-centric too! I discovered a nifty little thing while browsing The Old Book Bag.

List of Bests lets you keep and mark lists of anything and everything. You can latch on to existing lists too - there is already a list of Booker prize books,a list of Pulitzer prize books, and many many personal book lists of other people. The best thing I like about it is that it you can add your list (with % or progress!) to your blog. I like!

I've added the 501 Must-Read list to this blog (see side panel). So far I've filled up Children's Fiction and Memoirs, I'll be slowly adding the rest. The process of filling up a list a tad bit tedious.

Want to keep a list of your progress on the 501's? Want to track your reads of award-winning books? Just add them to your list. You need a account with List of Bests first though.


Ted Mahsun said...

What a cool idea!

...I must come up with a list of lists to make on List of Bests.

Ted Mahsun said...

Wahay~ I have completed 60% of Haruki Murakami's books.

sharkgila said...

and now you're gonna try to make it 100% rite Teddy? this thing is FUN! got so many list I want to try.

Anah Shariff said...

I'm not moving very far where book reading is concerned nowadays.

Believe it or not, I'm at the exact same spot in "The Dato' Hamid Adventures" as I was when you left Melaka two weeks ago.


sharkgila said...

That's the first item on Anah's ToDo list

1) Quit job
2) Move to KL
3) ...

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