Sunday, June 24, 2007

My Library

This is a rather blurry snapshot of my library. It's not huge and well-kept but it's mine (most of it, anyway) and I'm proud of it.

My library needs
1) Re-sorting and re-arranging (my fave pastime!)
2) A good dusting
3) More shelves, judging by the pile at the bottom.
4) More books, judging by the empty space beside the pile
5) More readers. You are very welcome to my library. If I like you enough to have a teh tarik with you, you may borrow any book from the library on my 3-year return policy.

What's in my library? All books mentioned in the Bookgila, plus a few this and thats. I like uniformity, so I usually get books in a set. They look sooo good on the bookshelves with their heights neatly in order.

Here's my favourite edition, the Penguin Read Red collection. Nice paper, good font, nice wide margin and spacing.

And here's my current addiction, the Little Black Dress fun reads.

Here's what shelves with unmatching editions looks like. Ug-lee. must .. rearrange..

There are some aliens on my bookshelves. Old Bro is a Jeffrey Archer fan

while Young Bro is a Tom Clancy nut. I might never attempt these books, I think they're long-winded. In turn both bros don't like my selection, they say I read weird books. Humph.

And here's a few nice leather-bound classics I stole from my dad's library. >:)


Anah Shariff said...

Besides those books there are still some books being held ransom in my house. I wouldn't really say being held ransom. They have a heart of their own. They just simply don't want to leave!

Right, Veronica?

sharkgila said...

Veronica can live with you for 2 years still. I hope she don't get you all depressed.

* We're talking about Paulo Coelho's Veronica Decides to Die. Veronica is a bad bad girl.

Anah Shariff said...

What? She depress me? Lets hope I don't depress her!

bibliobibuli said...

what lovely books! i also need more shelves and the carpenter came yesterday to measure up for two huge new bookcases. yipee!

sharkgila said...

anah: fast fast read veronica. I want to know if she gets to you too.

bibliobibuli: thanks! I want new bookshelves too, but no budget. Since I blow so much $$ everytime I step into a bookshop. So the books have to make do with a pile for now haha.

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