Thursday, June 28, 2007

Today's Buy: 27 June 07

Book sales should be 2 weeks long and no more. Agreed?

I tried, so very hard, to NOT go for Big Bookshop's Warehouse Sale. But everyday the temptation gets stronger, and the sale just will not go away! It should have ended weeks ago and saved me my conscience.

So I succumbed. Here's the spoils of my folly.

Virginia Woolf's To The Lighthouse @ 12.90
Franz Kafka's The Trial @ 12.90
Muriel Spark's The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie @ 12.90
Adam Phillips' Going Sane @ 12.00
Evelyn Waugh's Brideshead Revisited @ 12.90
Albert Camus' The Outsider @ 10.00
Anthony Burgess' A Clockwok Orange @ 10.00

Total damage: RM 83.60

This is not my first time to a Big Bookshop sale, so I didn't go through the heart-stopping "d*** these books are so d*** cheap how the h*** did they manage this why did I spend so much before this getting books at retail prices oh d*** read red penguins at 10bucks argh heart pain argh" attack I suffered at the last sale.

All books that followed me home are on my shopping list save one. Adam Phillips' Going Sane is such a beauty - I can't resist such a lovely thing!

I brought a list this time so I don't go overboard, and stick to only getting books I wanted. There were some other titles I wanted to get but didn't because of poor book condition, book size (I prefer small ones), font type, font size, font spacing, paper quality, margin spacing, book cover, edition type .. etc .. etc... Haha.


Anonymous said...

i never know what to buy at book sales or even paylessbook shops. because i am so ocd that i cant stand dog-eared books... and i judge a book by it's cover! :p

:-) said...

me too ... then i would usually go for concept, then the first few pages of writing. If it doesn't grip me by then, i will put it down even if i like the concept. That's because I know nuts of the writing world ... :)

Anonymous said...

Gila my sister...

sharkgila said...

I don't usually buy books from Payless cos I like my books nice and new and white with sharp straight edges.

My main criteria is spacing. Haha. I can't stand badly spaced font and margin.

Anonymous said...

Nice pick up on the Kafka book. I wouldn't say he's one of my favorites but his short stories are great.

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