Sunday, January 21, 2007

Little Black Dress

I love romance novels (oh, what girl doesn't!). Back when I was that dreamy teenager still unclear of the concept of smelly slothy annoying men, Mill & Boons was a huge part of my reading diet. I've thankfully outgrown that phase but I do pick up the occasional romantic novel for a little light reading in between serious books. I love how the stories always end positively with the Mr and Miss sobbing out 'I Love You's at the end. Romance novels are happy novels - it is always a good read after ploughing through several novels with themes of misery and tragic human character failures.

Of course I've always read romance novels in the comfort of my room. It not particularly cool to be seen immersed in a Mills & Boon in public. I'd feel ridiculous to be caught reading in public a book with a half naked black haired beauty astride a shirtless hunky pirate on its cover.

But, TA-DA! Here comes Little Black Dress - romance novels in de-li-ci-ous packing. The book covers are yummy.

So far I've read three in the series:

I confess I bought them first and foremost because they LOOKED so great. The matte covers are nice to run your fingers over, plus the book has nice sharp corners. I'm a sucker for books with nice corners.

At RM 19.90 each, the books are about twice the price of an average M&B, but still less that two-thirds the price of an average book. And yes, they look good on my book shelf!

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