Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Reading List as of 24 Jan 07

My reading aim for 2007 is to surpass 50 books (at least).

Last year I had the same goal, but managed 48 books only. That's an average of 4 books a month, which is not bad considering I wasted a lot of could-have-been-reading-time stuck in senseless jams getting to and fro work in the city.

This year, with a new job that takes me only one-minute to get to my workplace (tee-hee), I'm hoping to not only achive >50 books, but maybe hit the desired 100 books a year mark.
My read list so far:

1) My Family and Other Animal [Gerald Durell]
2) Just So Stories [Rudyard Kipling]
3) The Wizard of Oz [L. Frank Baum]
4) The Secret Garden [Frances Hodgson Burnett]
5) Spirit Willing Flesh Weak [Julie Cohen]
6) Pinocchio [Carlo Collodi]
7) Blue Christmas [Mary Kay Andrews]
8) Emil and the Detectives [Erich Kastner]
9) The Master and Margararita [Mikhail Bulgakov]
10) Charlotte's Web [E. B. White]

Impressive? Not really. Look closely, the bulk of them are children's novels. They're part of the 501 Must-Read Books I'm using as a guide for good reading. Then's there two Little Black Dress books for light reading, and Gerald Durell's memoir which is such joy to read that I've been dragging it out since December 06.

But still, 10 books and counting! Cheers to 100 books this year. Cross fingers.


.:mysh:. said...

great! I'm inspired =). I'm going to stop saying "I want to read all these books" but never really sit down to do it and start setting targets too. :) Thanks!

sharkgila said...

=) good for you! best of luck to your target.

I find setting milestones helps, it gives you that personal sense of achievement.

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