Sunday, July 8, 2007

Today's Buy: 8 July 07

@ MPH Summit USJ

Testing Kate
Whitney Gaskell
RM 19.90

Marley & Me
John Grogan
RM 32.90

I went into MPH looking for Tinling Choong's FireWife. And I found it. And I gasped at the RM70 price tag for a small hardcover. And I don't prefer hardcover. So...

Marley & Me has been on my radar for awhile (actually Mr. Gila's radar, but we're slowly morphing into each other so my radar inherited this). Marley is the writer's neurotic dog who invades/enriches his family's life. This story should be an interesting read. I've always balked at getting the hardcover version available everywhere, so when I saw this in paperback I had to have it. As a nice gift for Mr. Gila, of course.

Since I didn't get FireWIfe, I consoled myself with yet another Little Black Dress - Whitney Gaskell's Testing Kate. The cover is yummy yummy yummy. Another one to add to my overloaded bookshelf.


:-) said...

that a very adorable book cover. I was laughing at the tag line ontop ... life and love with the world's worst dog ... lol ... tat's cute tag line ... might drop by the bookstore to skip through it to see if I am interested ... :D

sharkgila said...

hehe you should. Mr. Gila says it's a fgood read. I'm waiting for him to be done so I can get my paws on it.

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