Thursday, July 26, 2007

MPH Members' Merdeka Sale

Look what came in the mail yesterday.

The postcard says:

MPH Members' Merdeka Sale, 1 - 5 August 2007
  • 15% discount on all books and 10% discount on CDs, cassettes, stationery, cards & gifts
  • 20% discount on all M014 and M028 titles
Yippie. Good time to go look for goat husbandry books for Daddy.


kegler747 said...

Hello just visiting. U got a cool site here.

Terima kasih

-Carlo of Manila

sharkgila said...

thanks for dropping by, kegler747. :)

Anonymous said...

ooh, really? all books? gotta stock up for the long months!

Anonymous said...

woa! you gotta get some cool stuff

sharkgila said...

all books except those on promotion, etc etc. standard terms and conditions apply.

hehe, yupyupyup I'm gonna go get myself some books I've been eyeing.

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