Friday, July 20, 2007

Drama in MPH MidValley

Something interesting happened yesterday at MPH MidValley.

I was just outside mph’s entrance with a bunch of friends, lounging waiting for another to show up. Suddenly this guy yelled “WHAT? OK COME BLA BLA BLA”. We all turned to watch this ample (ok, fat. faaaat) office attired guy huffing and puffing his way back into the store, escorted by an mph guard and an mph personnel.

Drama! I like! Of course we followed into the store, in the true spirit of Malaysian kepoh-ness. The ample guy was making a scene. He whipped out his phone and started yelling to someone about being detained in mph and having to be somewhere important ‘right now’ and the High Commission calling him to go there or something like that. He had an audience of browsers peeping from the safety of shelves, and frankly he looked silly.

We were all wondering what happened, but with no facts let’s do the next best Malaysian sport – speculate. My guess would be he was doing something illegal. Book-lifting? Book-defacing? His body language was guilty as hell.

1: He was shrieking. Not yelling like an angry customer, but shrieking like a cornered dog.
2: He name dropped High Commission, etc etc. Err…
3: He looked the part – flustered and out of control.

Anyway we didn’t get to observe much. The management astutely shooed him into the office and dealt with him behind closed doors.

See, bookshops can be so fun!


Ted Mahsun said...

Shoplifter. He's not fat, he's just full of big... books.

Anonymous said...

his bosses at the high commission shoved their cock up his ass, so he needed to release his pleasure in public.

sharkgila said...

Ted: That's an idea. I've heard that big clothes and big bag are good lifting aids.

anon: I'm not sure he even works for High Comm. He sounded like he's wildly name-dropping.

Anonymous said...

shoplifters cause the price of books to be more expensive bcoz of the security. bad bad bad!

:-) said...

actually i was wondering why would anyone shoplift books when they can read them there as well ... hummmm ... :)

:-) said...

there is another thing that came through my mind. Has anyone heard of a bookstore being rob of their books? That would be funny ... robbers going literate ... stick them up and give me all your books ... hah, hah ... :)

sharkgila said...

I've read that kleptomaniacs steal for thrill, regardless of the item value. Agree with Simon, these people make things worse for others.

Anonymous said...

nel: Government people do rob bookstores.

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