Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Philip K. Dick Book Covers

Author Philip K. Dick has a gallery of book covers of all his works, in all editions. So cool! The gallery also includes covers of translated editions. See his gallery here.

Here's a few choice covers of his book "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" (what an eye-catching title).


Ted Mahsun said...

My favourite is the Penguin edition of Man in the High Castle, but a picture wouldn't do it justice. It's all white but embossed with dots to make a stylised image of the world. You have to see it in person to be amazed by it! (I have it of course!)

Michael said...

Thanks for sharing this.

Now I feel a nigh overwhelming need to see Bladerunner again!

sharkgila said...

Teddy: I want to see! One day ya.

Techsplorer: Welcome. I feel like reading Bladerunner hehe.

:-) said...

You guys sure know how to dig interesting stuff up ... lol ... Philip K. Dick is one of my favourite but I wouldn't advice just anybody to jump right in to like his works, which I presonally find him as a genius in his own rights. At this moment I am reading Divine Invasion - A Life of Philip K. Dick. The book is about his disturb and concious life that actually play a role in all his works. let just see just I get to finish it with my short span of interest all the time ... ;)

Mister Scott said...

on a related note, as a frank herbert fan, i love searching on cover for foreign eidtions of the original dune novels... like the dick covers, it is neat to see how other countries and artists interpret these literary works in their cover art...

sharkgila said...

nel: what would be a good first Philip K. Dick book to read? Do recommend, thanks!

castaway: yep, I like looking at various editions and see what gets pictured on the cover. Interesting how a many-page novel can be summed up to a snapshot.

:-) said...

lol ... sharkgila, I seriously think you are asking the wrong guy over this topic. I am very sure there are much better people among your book's reading friends that would answer that one better than me.

Here is just my opinion, if you wish to know Philip K. Dick as a writer and how he let his life play a role in his works as a writer. Go for the one I am reading at this moment - Divine Invasion - A Life of Philip K. Dick. It really not like any autobiography book I pick up before which is kind of dry. Then be commercial and try reading Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, which can then be supported by watching the movie Blade Runner. Actually, I went digging the other way round ... lol.

I got interested in Philip K. Dick works is through a phycology level, his ideas and motive in his works, which I was amaze of how he see the world and pour them out in his writings. Some can see it but some don't, that just how it is with his sci-fi works.

I am actually reading his works out of interest, rather than entertaining. Even then, not all of Philip K. Dick works that have been made into films is consider to be successful but is highly acclaim by those that can see eye to eye with him. Afterall, why should hollywood invest money on a loser and when he got more than 6 to 7 of his works that is made into films till today.

... cheers for the day ... :)

sharkgila said...

Thanks for the recommendations, nel. Memoirs are my favourite genre, but I think I'll try Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? first before attempting his memoir.

Hey, everyone entitled to their opinion, and I like getting recommendations from people who have a particular interest in a certain genre or author. So don't say like that lah!

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