Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Read (past tense)

Recently I reviewed my credit card statements, to get a feel of my spending patterns. No surprises that entries like MPH, Borders and Kinokuniya regularly crop up. But do I really read all the books I greedily buy?

Ha.. that's why I keep lists. I like ticking things off. Let's do a quick one on recent buys.

29 April [100%]
READ The Handmaid's Tale Margaret Atwood
READ The File on H Ismail Kadare
READ She'll Take It Mary Carter

2 June [100%]
READ More Work for the Undertaker Margery Allingham
READ The Color Purple Alice Walker

27 June [42%]
TBR To The Lighthouse Virginia Woolf
TBR The Trial Franz Kafka
READ The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie Muriel Spark
TBR Going Sane Adam Phillips
TBR Brideshead Revisited Evelyn Waugh
READ The Outsider Albert Camus
READ A Clockwok Orange Anthony Burgess

8 July
READ Testing Kate Whitney Gaskell
READ Marley & Me John Grogan

12 July [100%]
READ In The Country of Men Hisham Matar
READ Special Topics in Calamity Physics Marisha Pessl
READ Confessions of an Air Hostess Marisa Mackle

2 Aug [55%]
TBR The Man Who Was Thursday G. K. Chesterson
READ King Solomon's Mines H. Rider Haggard
TBR The Lost World Arthur Conan Doyle
READ The Sky is Crazy Yvonne Lee
READ The Accidental Tourist Anne Tyler
TBR My Name is Red Orhan Pamuk
TBR The Story of My Life Helen Keller
TBR Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands Jorge Amado
READ The Murder of Roger Ackroyd Agatha Christie
READ Memoirs Are Made of These Swan Adamson
READ Lost For Words Lorelai Mathias

MORAL : Don't buy books in bulk, especially at sales.


melodrameric said...

You mentioned Kinokuniya...are you in Japan?

scamp1970 said...

Some classics there. Did you have nay money left in August?

Kellyn said...

Buying books in bulk is half the fun.

Did you like The Handmaid's Tale? I thought the end was a bit.. lackluster. The story didn't seem fleshed out.

sharkgila said...

melodrameric : Kinokuniya has a branch here in Malaysia =).

scamp: August buys were a voucher gift. Lucky me. Otherwise I could barely afford half of those.

kellyn: I enjoyed The Handmaid's Tale, it is scary because it can happen. Even now some people are aggressively trying to make their belief the way of life for everyone. That ending was a bit odd though.

bibliobibuli said...

agree. my tbr list is terrifying! and full of such good stuff. i'm trying not to buy new fiction for the moment.

TaraMetBlog said...

Yay for you completing The Color Purple, it's among my favs. At least your TBR pile is a lot shorter than mine. Good job!

sharkgila said...

bibliobibuli : Trying not to buy, but hard with all those book sales around ya. Evil.

tarametblog : My TBR list is actually longer, with titles bought years ago. Hehe.

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