Friday, September 28, 2007

Writing Togo

I like reading. A lot.

Way back then, I liked to write too. Somehow I ended up writing codes instead, and that love for writing got lost somewhere.

Now the itch is back.

I've been reading some books about words, about people who write, about living the writing life, and the prospect of writing suddenly seemed so interesting again. [What books? Floozy Little Black Dresses! Lost in Words by Lorelei Mathias and Memoirs are made of This by Swan Adamson. Also Marisha Pessl's Special Topics of Calamity Physics - this beautifully composed book can inspire just about anything.]

I'm going to try writing again. The easiest way to write and be published is - do it yourself with a blog! Haha. The easiest things to write about - those dear to your heart.

So I've started a little project on that little tyrant I'm keeping. The site might be liberally strewn with photos but I'm hoping to pen some stuff to brush up on my writing. And one fine day make a book out of it and be a bestseller and make millions (like John Grogan, author of Marley & Me). Ha, dreams.

Some things I've written:
Howling Togo

Do visit Togo the Tyrant's site at


Iced Nyior said...

once upon a time i loved to write poems, but nowadays i dont hv the time or inspiration for it. I do miss writing tho. Keep up your writing :D

scamp1970 said...

Attempting to pen a novel is one of many things on my mammoth to-do list. One day...

sharkgila said...

scamp : let us know when it's out! hehe. I always thought that writing novels is something other people do, but lately I feel like being one of those people.

Fable said...

Togo is adorable and looks as if you might have plenty to write about! With all the stuff to do in life we tend to put our passions and dreams on back burners. Keep writing. :)

sharkgila said...

Thanks fable =). Yes there are tons to write about the tyrant, I'm kicking myself to start writing.

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