Tuesday, September 18, 2007


My most recent purchase is this book from MPH Subang Parade.
New Complete Dog Training Manual by Dr Bruce Fogle.

There were many available books on dog training, but I chose this because it has less words and more pictures. I like that the training steps are explained in step-by-step pictures.

Time to try on the little tyrant! Let's try with "Sit"




"Sit" Yippie!!

Now if only I can teach him to understand "Don't bite"
(And "Don't $#@% bite")


:-) said...

hah, hah ... bite ... bite ... :)

Anonymous said...

ha... cute dog

puppy love to bite and scratch :D

Anonymous said...

Wow, a Siberian Husky, my favorite breed of dogs! :-)

sharkgila said...

He's teething and I'm his chew toy.

gallivanter : Yep, he's a husky. I like that he looks so wolfish. And no excessive barking problems!


What a great looking dog! I love Huskies & Malamutes.

Anonymous said...

Huskies are so obedient. Last time I saw a baby husky silencing a baby yapping chihuahua by pushing it's body against the irritating mute.

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