Thursday, September 6, 2007

Reading with dog

I haven't been blogging much, cos this little tyrant has invaded my life and is keeping me away from the computer.

But not the books, I find myself spending more time reading in the early mornings and late evenings, as we spend his play-time in the garden.


Anonymous said...


I'm coming to get you!! Muahahaha

MoozaMohd said...

omg ur dog is too cutee!!

sharkgila said...

hehe.. yup he's soooo adorable he gets to get away with being naughty with that cute mug of his.

:-) said...

siberian husky? a very handsome dog. you will have your hands full with this dog breed's personality. very active if i am not mistaken and need lots of exercise ... :)

sharkgila said...

yup, at least i get off my butt more often now, walking him. yey to a slimmer me!

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