Friday, March 25, 2011

Julia Quinn - Delighfully Funny Romances

Julia Quinn's regency romances are just like all romance novels - girls meets guy, some plot in between, and they end up happily ever after. But, unlike most romance novels, Julia Quinn's are bloody funny. I've laughed out loud countless times while reading her books.

Here's an excerpt  from Ten Things I Love About You

Annabel had heard the hearts-dropping-to-the-stomach expression before, and she'd said it, too, but this was the first time she actually understood it. Her entire body felt wrong, as if her heart was in her stomach and her lungs were in her ears, and her brain was somewhere east of France.
And here's a funny one-liner.

Any sane person would flee in such a situation, and probably half of the mad ones, as well.

I heart Julia Quinn!

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emanders said...

Julia Quinn is definitely one of the best regency authors out there.

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