Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kick Start

The last post on this blog was 2 years ago. How sad!

But although I've stopped blogging about books and reading for a couple of years, I did not stop reading. I've changed my reading patterns, changed my taste in books, changed my reading goals, changed my anal don't bend my book spine attitude, but the undying love for the written words and the smell of books is still there.

And I'm starting to remember why I started a book blog in the first place. Because I want to share my joy (and gripes) of books and reading with you.

So here's to kick-starting BookGila!


Klaw said...

Guess who supports you? :)

sharkgila said...

Thanks! Muah.

Ted Mahsun said...

Hey! You're back! (only took 4 days to notice!)

Anonymous said...

I still have my anal don't bend my book spine attitude. Heh. -anissa

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