Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Holiday - sans books!

I was away on holiday, if you're wondering about the absence.
Of course I packed a few books to devour during the down-time, but instead of watching words I ended up watching monkeys.

A family of proboscis monkeys.

The dominant male displaying his specially marked white underwear and huge nose.

A silverleaf monkey with its trademark Beckham hairstyle.

Orang utans striking various abstract poses.

Ain't that a regal looking hornbill.


Anonymous said...

Wow, nice. Where is this? It looks great. Monkeys everywhere...it must feel like being back in college. ^_^

sharkgila said...

The proboscis & silverleafs are in Labuk Bay Sanctuary, the orang-utans are in Sepilok. Both in Sandakan, Sabah.

Yeap, feels like college hahhahaa.

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